• HEP funded Research on ICS for the financial year 2016-2017
Sl. Topic Name Supervisor
1 Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) of various Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) in Rural Bangladesh Dr. S.M. Nasif Shams

Assistant Professor


2 Development an techno-Economic Analysis of low cost briquette production using poultry manure
3 Research on Innovative Improved Cookstoves  (e.g solar or TEG based  etc.)
  • HEP Funded Research for the financial year 2017-2018
 Sl. Topic Name                  Supervisor/ co-supervisor
1 Development of Hybrid solar cooker

Md. Abdul Mozid

Orbit Solar Energy, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2 Green Cook Stove (GCS) Auto Ignition (Detonation)

Submitted by:

Md. Zahurul Islam, Managing Director

Life Enginnering Ltd.

3 Combined Multipurpose Cook stove Md. Shakhaout Hossain, BUET
4 Remove biomass cook stove with clean innovations Md.Arifur Rahman Talukder,  Bsc in EEE

United International University

5 TLUD 5 Star   Barbecue ‍Stoves Development

S.M.M Kamal Bhuyian,  Managing Director

5 Star   cookstoves

6 Design and development of Efficient Indoor Cooking Systems Using waste Heat Energy Institute of Energy, University of Dhaka