Project Steering Committee (PSC)

The project will be strategically guided by a Project Steering Committee (PSC). The PSC will provide reports and presentations on activity and results in the project and the sector at the request of the higher level governmental body.

The PSC will be chaired by the Secretary of the Power Division. There will be representatives from the line ministries represented not below by the Joint Secretaries of the respective line ministries. In addition, representatives from the MoWCA, ERD, Planning Commission, IMED will be members of the PSC. PSC will remain empowered to co-opt any appropriate person to be member of the PSC for improving its management. Project Director will work as the Member Secretary of the PSC.

The composition of the PSC is presented below:

1. Secretary/Additional Secretary (Development), Power Division, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources Chairperson
2. Chairman, SREDA Member
3. Member(EE&C), SREDA Member
4. One representative from Planning Commission Member
5. One representative from IMED Member
6. Joint Chief/ Deputy Chief, Power Division, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources Member
7. One representative from Economic Relation Division Member
8. One representative from MoWCA Member
9. PD of the project Member- Secretary

TOR of the PSC:

  • Approve the Annual Work Plan (AWP) of the project
  • The committee will review the progress of the project
  • Provide strategic guidance and policy directions for the TA
  • Coordinate and resolve any implementation problem including inter-ministerial and cross-sectoral issues.
  • Oversee the proper integration of results and findings of the activities into program implementation
  • The committee may co-opt member(s) from the relevant Government Ministries/department/CSOs as necessary
  • Convene meeting at least once in six month