Project Implementation Committee (PIC)

PIC will be responsible for implementation of the project activities and will be accountable to the PSC. The formation and TOR of PIC is as follows:

1. Chairman, SREDA Chairperson
2. One representative from Planning Commission Member
3. Member (EE&C), SREDA Member
4. One representative from IMED Member
5. Deputy Chief, Power Division, MPEMR Member
6. One representative from GIZ Member
7. Representative from SNV Member
8. Desk Officer, Power Division, MPEMR Member
9. PD of the project Member


TOR of the PIC:

  • Manage and coordinate implementation of all project activities
  • Monitor progress of the project activities following the Annual Work Plan (AWP)
  • Forward important and urgent issues to the PSC
  • Review the monthly report submitted by the consultant
  • Co-opt other members as and when necessary
  • Convene meetings of the committee at least once in three month