About HEP


Bangladesh is densely populated country with about 160 million populations with a limited political boundary and limited resources like fuel. Estimation shows that Bangladesh has potential to disseminate 30 million cook stoves. Even though clean cook stove interventions started in the early 80s, present dissemination rate is merely 2-3 %. Presently many donor agencies, local, and international NGOs are coming up with promotional program on clean cook stove. As a result, several NGOs and entrepreneur also develop the design of clean cook stove and marketing in local market. But there is no standardization and designs are also different. Fuel efficiency level also varies. The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) is facilitating sector growth through catalyzing a conducive environment and fixing priorities.

In that context, the GoB is aiming to set a targeted development path and to sharpen coordination of the sector so that stakeholders’ interest is preserved and gradual market transformation takes place. Thereby, the Government has decided to adopt a Country Action Plan (CAP) for the sector. ‘Household Energy Platform’ will facilitate sector coordination and implementation of the activities identified in the CAP. Bangladesh Country Action Plan for Clean Cookstoves (CAP) defines what is needed to kick-start and develops the Bangladesh clean cookstove market.  The CAP makes the case for taking immediate action towards achieving the goal of 100% clean cooking solutions by 2030.



To solve the problems of marketing on business development of ICS in order to reduction of indoor air pollution and fuel wastage of inefficient traditional stoves replaced by improved cook stoves to ensure clean environment & improve the health condition of the rural people.


Specific objectives

  1. To create awareness among the stakeholders about benefit of ICS
  2. To ensure access to finance for entrepreneurs by identifying various suitable windows
  3. To create new business models/ideas & remove all the barriers
  4. To introduce new technology
  5. To support for developing testing lab with modern testing facilities for the standardization
  6. To reduce the greenhouse gas emissions

To conduct research on innovative and efficient cooking technologies specially on solar cook-stoves

Team Members